15th May 2019
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10.00 - 10.30

Law And Disorder

The ins and outs, ups and down, do’s and don’ts of footage legal rights (and wrongs) explained.
Giulia Castelli,
Senior Client Manager at Greenlight
“From Me to You. What You Always Wanted to Know about rights clearances but didn’t Know Who to Ask”. This session’s aim is to answer any common burning questions and doubts about various type of Intellectual property rights.

Giulia started her career in rights clearances ten years ago. She started learning the intricacies of intellectual property rights as a foreign rights assistant in a London publishing firm, before moving on to commercial licenses for advertising and corporate clients with Greenlight nine years ago.

Since then, she has managed clearances projects across all of EMEA, working on a wide

variety of licenses:  from licensing footage and iconic movies to clearing legendary talents, as well as licensing famous pop music or more obscure sound recordings such as the sounds of the Sun.

Her client roster spans from BBH to Saatchi as well as corporate clients such SIEE and Ferrero. Her favourite clearance project involved searching for several photographs featuring Sophia Loren for L’Oréal:  it took three months of detective work to identify the legitimate rights holder of the client’s favourite snap!

T`; 0207 6447434
E`; Giulia.Castelli@bengroup.com

11.00 - 11.45

The Edge of Buying and Using Footage

The inside track to buying and using footage, in discussion with our expert panel.
Jonathan Hacker
Producer - ORMedia
Jonathan is an acclaimed producer and director with fifteen international awards under his belt including a BAFTA and an RTS. His work is characterised by its rigorous storytelling and emotional intensity, and uses archive extensively. Highlights include Path of Blood, the theatrically released and critically acclaimed feature documentary on Al Qaeda; Britain’s First Suicide Bombers, an investigative feature-length film for BBC2; The Last Surrender, a revealing portrait of the last Japanese soldier to surrender in World War II; and Massacre at Virginia Tech on the perpetrator of America’s worst peace-time shooting.

E: jonathanhacker37@gmail.com
Peter McMillan
Producer Park Village
What’s it like to be executive producer at Park Village oversee all content and line produce as many jobs as physically possible? Well, as I do, I will offer you an insight into the glamorous, easy-going life I lead.

Today, I find myself at a post house trying to finish two jobs at the same time, recording a voice-over, applying graphics to a conformed cut, and delivering films in three different formats 16:9 , 9:16 & 1:1 (which seems to be the norm nowdays).

One of the films was fairly low budget content, so, on the shoot, it was all hands on deck - driving the van to the location, location managing & getting the coffees in - took me back to being a runner - all in a week’s work these day I guess!

Want to know more? See you at 3.15 pm in the Run Run Shaw Theatre.

Peter McMillan
Executive Producer
e: p.mcmillan@parkvillage.co.uk
Mary Egan
FOCAL International
Mary is the Director of Operations at FOCAL International, formally joining the company November 2016 before which she an Executive Director on the Board of FOCAL and BAPLA (British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies). Prior to this in 2013 Mary ventured into the world of freelancing starting MBE Media and was one of the founding partners of The MOCA, a visual content and licensing consultancy company. Mary has previously worked at Press Association, BBC Worldwide Canada Ltd, BBC Lionheart, USA and BBC Enterprises, London.

Mary Egan
Director of Operations
FOCAL International Ltd
t: +44 (0) 7789 056661
e: mary@focalint.org
w: www.focalint.org
w: www.focalintawards.com
Denis Karam
ZigZag Productions
After a long spell with a Swiss based company as Int. TV Marketing and Advertising Manager on the F1 sponsorship and the company’s product placements until 2004 as well as a short spell with a few Indie production companies as a researcher and an AP, Denis joined Zig Zag productions in 2005 as an archivist and a few years later became an Archive Producer / Head of Archives. In 2012 Denis was honoured with the FOCAL International Award for the Best Archivist of the Year. Also, he is part of the Training Committee at the Federation of Commercial Audio-Visual Libraries in London as well as an occasional archive expert guest speaker and panellist at Westminster University, FOCAL Annual Footage Training Week and Broadcast TECH events.

e: Denis@zigzag.uk.com
t: +44 (0) 207 017 8755 (Ext 333)
w: www.zigzagproductions.tv

12.15 - 12.45

Harnessing the Impact of Music on Footage

How to harness the emotional impact of music to shape response and complement footage.
Gary Walsh
Music Supervisor Specialist
Gary is one of the leading independent UK film music supervisors specialising in archive led feature documentaries.

He won Film Music Supervisor of the Year at the Music Week Sync Awards 2016 and has been nominated for Best Music Supervision for a Documentary at 2017, 2018 and 2019 Guild of Music Supervisors Awards.
His work has seen collaborations with leading directors such as Werner Herzog, Kevin Macdonald, Edgar Wright, Sophie Fiennes and his feature doc work includes iconic artists such as Marlon Brando for Listen To Me

Marlon. Vivienne Westwood in Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist, Eric Clapton for Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars and Whitney ~ the authorised film on the life of Whitney Houston which was nominated or a Grammy Award and screened out of competition in Cannes.

Gary works on all musical aspects of a film including rights research, clearance and licensing which often involves an overlap and collaboration with the archive producer. As well as working creatively with the director and editor.

Contact: gary@eyehear.com

2.15 -2.45

Is The Sun shining on footage?

The global press has always been a major consumer of moving content, but now with a deluge of video sent by “on the spot” iPhone owners what are the pitfalls and benefits of having such an in-pouring of content?
David Ross
Head of Video - The Sun
As Head of Video I am in charge of all of the video content that appears on The Sun’s digital platforms and the associated editorial, creative and business strategy. Video is a key pillar of the overall strategy of the business and as such I play a significant role in the development of digital as a whole. Day-to-day, I manage a team of broadcast journalists, video editors, camera operators and video creatives who produce end-to-end exclusive digital on-demand and live content for both on and off-platform consumption. 

E. david.ross@thesun.co.uk 

3.15 - 4.00

Digging for Gold - finding the unfindable

World-class archive researchers reveal how to discover the needle in a haystack for that dynamite footage.
James RM Hunt
Archive Producer
James RM Hunt is a multi award winning archive producer, producer and director. His highlights include BAFTA winning '7/7 One Day in London', RTS winning 'Graffiti Wars’, FOCAL International award winning Sir Michael Caine and Simon Fuller produced 'My Generation’ and Apple Music's first commission ‘808'. James is currently working on a theatrical release feature documentary about Ronnie Scott and his famous Jazz club.

With over twenty years experience, James has special knowledge and access to libraries and collections across the world full of rare unseen footage.

His latest film, Bill Wyman’s life story 'The Quiet One’ is premiering at this year’s 2019 Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

His owns his own production company, Dog & Duck Films Ltd and currently lives in Henley-on-Thames with his young family.

James RM Hunt
Dog & Duck Films Ltd
m: + 44 (0) 7812 164664
e: jamesrmhunt@me.com
Kate Griffiths
Archive Producer
Kate Griffiths began her career in 1987 at International clearance house Diamond Time. Here she established and ran the UK office, covering everything from film and TV projects to commercials and sample clearances.

Moving onto MTV Europe’s Legal and Business Affairs Department, she was responsible for all on-channel clearance issues and off-channel archive clip licensing. She left to form ‘Clearance Matters’ in partnership with her husband. They provide production, research and copyright clearance services to the Media Industry.

In 2015 she won FOCAL’S ‘Archive Researcher Of The Year’ Award for her work on ‘Soul Boys Of The Western World’ an all-archive feature documentary about the group Spandau Ballet.

Recent productions include feature docs ‘Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist’ and ‘I Called Him Morgan’. She’s currently working with Edgar Wright/Halfnelson Films and Bernard MacMahon/Paradise Pictures on two music feature documentaries.

Kate Griffiths
t: + 44 [0] 20 8216 3571
m: 07941 899221
e: kate@clearancematters.demon.co.uk
Melanie Rozencwajg
Founder of Archive Valley
Melanie is a creative entrepreneur. She is the cofounder of ARCHIVE VALLEY, an international platform that helps film and tv professionals to find unique historical footage for their stories. How? By connecting them directly with hundreds of archive sources and archive researchers in more than 80 countries. Today, Archive Valley has 1800 registered users, working for major production companies and filmmakers such as Raw, Radical Media, Spring Films, Firelight, Gebrueder Beetz, Iconoclast, CPB Films.