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Harry Birrell Presents - Films of Love and War

In the Summer of 1941, a young Scottish soldier set sail for war. He took his camera and an obsession for making movies. Now those films and his diary have been recovered, and edited into a film, narrated by Richard Madden, famous for his role as one of the Starks in Game of Thrones. Matt Pinder’s beautifully composed, captivating documentary plunders the treasure trove of Harry’s 400 films and personal diaries to capture a vivid sense of wartime years spent in Bombay, the jungles of Burma and the mountains of Nepal. It’s one man’s cinematic vision of the 20th century and his own incredible journey through it. Website: Harry Birrell Presents - Films of Love and War

The Joy of Music

Music brings people together. Music has the power to heal, create change, and can even transport you to another time and place. Whether it’s footage or photographs, Global ImageWorks’ music collection will inspire, entertain, and enliven your production. From the iconic PBS series Austin City Limits, to the in-depth interviews from Time Life’s 10-part series, The History of Rock ’n Roll, amazing performances and sit-down interviews conducted by Dick Cavett on his television shows spanning 25 years, to the films of noted music documentarian Robert Mugge; Global ImageWorks’ music collection will have your audience on its feet and clapping their hands. Above is the Beach Boys, with Surfin’ USA. Click here to view highlights from the GIW Music Footage Collection. Website: www.globalimageworks.com